Hot Tub MaintenanceHot Tub Needs Maintenance

Taking a dip in your hot tub can be a rejuvenating experience as you allow yourself to kick back and relax completely. The warm water creates a soothing effect that evaporates all the stress and pressure of daily life.

But the fun and relaxation end quickly if your hot tub is not operating correctly. You might ask, how can you know if the hot tub is not working correctly or not? Well, there are some telltale signs of that:

  • Water Leaks
  • Foul Smell
  • Cloudy water
  • And much more

If you see any of these signs, avoiding stepping into the hot tub water before performing proper maintenance and a thorough checkup is best.

Cloudy, Unclear, And Murky Hot Tub Water

Clearwater is an indicator that your hot tub is clean and safe. But if your water looks cloudy, unclear, or even foamy, that is the biggest sign that your hot tub is not in the best of conditions. It could be anything from bacterial and algae growth to grime and dirt.

The first thing you must do is inspect your water filter to ensure that everything is clean and in the right place. Whether you have regular or luxury hot tubs, all advise that you get your hot tub filter cleaned monthly. With proper maintenance, your hot tub filter should last at least a year and be replaced promptly.

A dirty filter can decrease the performance of your hot tub pumps and prevent the water heater from functioning correctly. Checking your control panel offers another clue that the filter requires cleaning or replacing.

Hot Tub Is Leaking

Whether regular or luxury hot tubs, we can all agree that leaks are a bad sign. We can repair some leaks in hot tubs on your own, but it is best if a professional deals with this issue. A leaking hot tub generally suggests a problem with the hot tub plumbing.

Water pooling near the base of your luxury hot tubs signifies something is wrong. It can be challenging to notice if the luxury hot tub sits on grass or something similar. However, you can detect hot tub leaks if you see a substantial decrease in your water level. A leak in luxury hot tubs can damage the hot tub’s system long-term and lead to inflated water bills. Check to see if it is a failing gasket, a rubber o-ring, or a seal.

Sometimes with frequent use, the rubber of the hot tub can degrade, generating cracks. If this happens, the tight seal will break and cause leaks. If this occurs, it’s time to call for a professional.

Foul Odour From Your Hot Tub

It is concerning if your hot tub is emitting a foul smell. The smell could be connected to a few things. One of them is that the water’s pH level is out of range. It can also indicate algae and bacteria growth around or within your hot tub.

Test the water’s chemical levels to understand how to fix the problem. Often the issue is a low pH level. Shocking your luxury hot tubs’ water with a chlorine hot tub treatment could do the trick. If you think bacteria or algae has taken over, drain the hot tub, rinse it, and clean it. Clean or replace your filter, flush the whole system, and clean the cover.

If the situation persists, contact a technician and find the source of the problem. No one wants a nasty smell, especially when it ruins your backyard fun.

Hot Tub Water Temperature Problem

The best feature of any hot tub is the hot water. This allure wanes if the water is too hot or cold. You and your guests should feel as comfortable as possible and trust the hot tub system. A problematic or fluctuating water temperature can signify thermostat malfunction. It can be a huge risk and should be fixed or replaced immediately.

If your water isn’t heating up, and your thermostat and heater are functioning properly, check these to find the culprit:

  • Flow Rate Issue
  • Dirty Filter
  • Clogged Pipes
  • Clogged Pump Impeller
  • Blocked Spa Drain Covers
  • Closed Valves

Hot Tub Overheating During Summer

You may find luxury hot tubs overheating during hot, humid summer days. This issue can occur if the temperature is fixed too high. An easy tweak to a few degrees cooler can rectify the problem.

Overheating also suggests high filter cycle duration settings. Changing this down and fixing the cycle to function in the early mornings and late at night can help, as outside temperatures are cooler.

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