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Northern Spas is one of Canada’s top suppliers of quality hot tubs. We offer a wide range of spa sizes, jet configurations and customizations to fit every preference and budget. Our spas are constructed with a durable stainless-steel frame and a moulded US Aristech Acrylic interior for a long-lasting, low-maintenance finish built to withstand Canadian weather. Jets are made of premium-grade stainless steel and offer variable water pressure so you can customize your massage. We use only US-manufactured Balboa controls, recognized worldwide for quality and ease of use. Convenient push-button controls on the spa deck allow you to adjust spa temperature and water pressure quickly and easily. Our high-quality pump system is energy efficient, keeping your spa water hot while ensuring your operating costs stay cool. We stand behind our products, and we believe they’re the best on the market. Before leaving our factory, every Northern Spas hot tub is subjected to a multi-point safety and quality test. We know that our spas are built to last; our warranty is our promise to you.

Why People Choose Our Luxury Hot Tubs in Toronto & the GTA

With Northern Spas, you can find the best hot tubs for sale in Toronto. Our products are popular because of the following remarkable features:

Stainless Steel Frame

Easy to Clean. Corrosion Resistant. Long-Lasting You can find a range of hot tubs for sale with premium quality stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about brittle structures anymore when you buy one of these!

US Aristech Acrylics® Interior

Weather Resistant. Easy Cleaning. Scratch Proof. With US-made Aristech Acrylics® interior, cleaning your hot tub has never been easier. No more rough surfaces or faded patches. They can withstand harsh Canadian weather and have a stylish, beautiful appearance to add to your property’s appeal.

Balboa Controls

High-Tech Spa & Hot Tub Efficiency and quality are synonymous with our hot tubs for sale in Toronto and the surrounding regions. You can easily control your spa with just a click of a button. Our experts will help customize your experience with this robust digital control.

Premium-Grade Stainless Steel Jets

Relieves Tension. Durable. Stylish Design Feel the stress melt away as these powerful stainless steel jets target the pressure points. Sink into a relaxing experience and relish the quiet, peaceful time.

A-Z Service

Quick Delivery. Efficient Installation. Your only job is to pick the hot tub of your dreams. Everything else is our responsibility. From quick delivery and easy installation to water treatment and electrical support, we’ve got you covered.

Improve your Health with Northern Spas Hot Tubs

If you’re wondering if hot tubs offer any advantages besides adding to the beauty of a property, here’s a list curated by our experts to help understand:

Better Sleep

Ditch your melatonin gummies and chamomile tea. Get in your Northern Spas hot tub for a quick soak and sleep peacefully.

Reduce Stress

Are you tired after a rough day at work? Wash away your stress with the bubbling water in your hot tub.

Manage Joint Pain

Joint pain can deteriorate the quality of your life. Return to painless nights after a relaxing soak in one of our spacious hot tubs.

Relaxed Muscles

With our powerful jets, let our tubs be your masseuse. All our hot tubs for sale have strategically placed jets to target all the pressure points and sore muscles to help release the physical tension.

Get the Best Hot Tubs for Sale in Toronto & the GTA

At Northern Spas, we are committed to providing the highest-quality products to our clients, so they have a luxurious experience in the comfort of their homes! We strive to understand your needs and customize our hot tubs accordingly to ensure your needs are met. For more details on our selection of hot tubs for sale, you can call us at 905-503-0049 or fill out our online contact form. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect product within your budget!

Our Most Popular Models

Our most popular models are always in stock and can typically
be scheduled for delivery and installation within a week.

Muskoka LS - 5-Person Portable Hot Tub

Muskoka LS

5 People
111 Jets

Simcoe LS - 6-Person Hot Tub

Simcoe LS

6 People
71 Jets

Aurora Spa & Hot Tub for 5 People

Aurora LS

5 People
51 Jets

Algonquin Spa Hot Tubs in Toronto


6 People
63 Jets

Kincardine Spa & Hot Tub for 7 People


7 People
105 Jets

Compact Huntsville Spa Hot Tubs with 6 Seats


7 People
35 Jets

All Models

View our full selection of hot tubs to see all available models and options.
Some models are not maintained in inventory,
but can be special ordered to your exact specifications.



5 People



5 People

Huron hot tub


7 People

tobermory hot tub


6 People

Kincardine hot tub


7 People



6 People

Temagami hot tub


3 People

Kawartha hot tub


6 People

Algonquin hot tub


6 People

Manitoulin hot tub


1 Person

wasaga hot tub


8 People



5 People

Killarney hot tub


6 People

Huntsville hot tub


6 People