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At Northern Spas, we carry long-established expertise for customized hot tub installation in Toronto and other regions across Canada. We help you create and maintain your personal backyard oasis. Visit our showroom to experience our spas before you buy. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the tub that fits your needs.

Once you’ve purchased your new spa, our team manages all aspects of delivery and installation, from permits to electrical connections and ensures a solid and level foundation. We can also help determine the correct placement of your spa installation. We encourage our customers to think about their views when deciding where to place their hot tub. A view of the sunset or a well-landscaped backyard is much more enjoyable than facing a wooden fence or the exterior brick of your home. Our team of landscape designers can help you with adding a specially landscaped area or recommend shrubs, trees or a pergola to ensure your privacy while you enjoy your spa.
hot tub delivery


Your new hot tub will be delivered fully assembled. The spa is carefully turned on its side and placed on a cart to transport it to where it will be located on your property. We typically recommend a path at least 42” wide and 8’ tall from your driveway to where the hot tub will be installed. We’ll work with you to ensure there is enough room. In cases where access is very tight, we can remove fence panels or use a crane to bring the hot tub to your yard.
Hot Tubs in Cobourg


Hot tubs are heavy! A hot tub can weigh over 500 lbs, even when empty. Once you add water and people, it quickly adds up. A strong foundation is important. Outdoor hot tub installation requires a concrete pad or a reinforced deck. Our end-to-end planning ensures that your hot tub is properly supported so you can enjoy your spa for many years. Installing a hot tub is easy. Plumbing isn’t typically required. You can use your garden hose to fill your tub. Once it’s full, simply keep the water balanced and clean.


If you are looking to install your hot tub indoors, you need to consider several factors related to the environment surrounding your spa. Our expert professionals ensure the area for spa installation is structurally sufficient and can support the weight of the spa filled with water. We also take care of other aspects such as the flooring material should be resistant to water and chemicals, and the environment should be properly ventilated.


Even when it comes to spa installation on a deck or other raised structure, we have the skills to achieve it the right way. We ensure your deck’s weight-bearing capacity is greater than the maximum weight of your spa.
hot tub electrical


Prior to delivering your hot tub, our certified electrician will ensure that the required power and electrical connections are available and handle any electrical permits required. Upon delivery, our electrician will complete the electrical installation in accordance with the Ontario Electrical Code.
hot tub chemicals


Our filtration system keeps your water clean. However, regular water testing and care ensure your hot tub is always ready for use. A water testing kit is quick and easy to test your water quality.
To keep your water balanced, the addition of chemicals is occasionally required:
  • Chemicals that keep the water clean (sanitizers)
  • Chemicals that remove calcium and heavy metals (sequestering agents) that otherwise could cause your hot tub water to change to an undesired colour
  • Chemicals that adjust the pH and alkalinity (low pH can irritate skin and damage the hot tub, high pH can also irritate skin or eyes, and interfere with sanitizers)
  • Sanitizers keep the water balanced and safe from germs and bacteria that may be introduced to your hot tub by the environment or people that use it
  • Defoamer – reduces foamy water caused by body oils and lotions
  • Calcium and magnesium adjusters help to ensure the water isn’t cloudy or foamy, helps to prevent the accumulation of scale or damage to metal components
hot tub service


From time to time, your hot tub may need service by a technician. We’re there for you. Our service team is available if you have questions or need to schedule an on-site visit for repairs. Our comprehensive warranty provides you with protection and peace of mind.

For solutions to common questions, you can also check out our FAQ section or consult your user manual.

Please note that we are only able to provide service on Northern Spas hot tubs.

Our comprehensive warranty provides you with protection and peace of mind:

Our comprehensive warranty provides you with protection and peace of mind:
  • 5 years warranty for the tub structure
  • 2.5 years for acrylic surface
  • 2 years for electronic equipment and controls (includes heater and pump)
  • 2 years for plumbing components

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